Price list

Price list of accommodation in tents, caravans, motor homes and cars
Persons from 3 years 70 CZK per night
Tent for 1-2 persons 70 CZK per night
Tent for 3-5 persons 90 CZK per night
Tent for 6 and more 120 CZK per night
Caravan 150 CZK per night
Motor home 200 CZK per night
Price list of accommodation in cottages
Cottage for 2 persons 700 CZK per night
Cottage for 3 persons 1 200 CZK per night
Short-term laundry fee for 1 night 50 CZK per person
Discount for staying in a cottage for 4 or more nights 10 %
Price list of accommodation in apartments
Apartments for 2 persons 900 CZK per night
Apartments for 3 persons 1 200 CZK per night
Apartments for 4 persons 1 450 CZK per night
Short-term laundry fee for 1 night 50 CZK per person
Price list of other services related to accommodation
Car 100 CZK per night
Motorbike 60 CZK per night
Fee for garden gazebo 60 CZK per night
Electricity fee energy (travel trailer, caravan) 110 CZK per night
Dog fee 70 CZK per day
Shower token 20 CZK
Price list for persons with EU Disability card
Disabled persons – Barrier toilet with shower free of charge
Disabled persons - Car fee free of charge
Rental price list
Rowboat 150 CZK per hour
Pedal boat for 2 persons 150 CZK per hour
Pedal boat for 4 persons 200 CZK per hour
Pedal boat with slide 270 CZK per hour
Paddleboard 200 CZK per hour
Price list for renting a sports area
Beach volleyball, clay court, playground with artificial surface – tennis 160 CZK per hour
Renting sports equipment
Balls, tennis rackets 50 CZK per hour
Bicycle (including helmet and bicycle lock) 200 CZK per day
Bail 1 000 CZK
Ninepins 50 CZK per hour
Barbecue rental 50 CZK per day
Charcoal / briquettes 2.5 kg 100 CZK
Washing + drying clothes 100 CZK
Charge station for mobile/ bicycle 10 CZK
Charge of the stay 20 CZK per night

The listed prices include 15% or 21% VAT.
You can download the current price list HERE!
The price conditions were approved by the Baška Municipality Council by Resolution No. 10/102/2022 and it repeals the price conditions valid from 1 February 2022.

Cancellation fees for total or partial cancellation:
30 and more days before arrival 320 CZK,
29–15 days before arrival 30 % of the amount by which the reservation is reduced, at least 320 CZK,
14–3 days before arrival 50 % of the amount by which the price of the reservation is reduced, at least 320 CZK,
2 or less days before arrival 100 % of the amount by which the reservation is reduced.
In case of early termination of the stay, the amount for accommodation and services will not be refunded.
Cancellation of the stay must be notified in writing by e-mail or post (the amount of the cancellation fee is decided by the post stamp on the envelope).



Autokemp Baška

Baška 123, 739 01 Baška

GPS: 49.6488228N, 18.3845194E


Recepce operation:

June, September:
Mon–Thu: 10 am – 6 pm
Fri: 10 am – 8 pm
Sat: 8 am – 8 pm
Sun: 8 am – 6 pm

July, August:
Mon–Sun: 6 am – 10 pm

Operation of sports ground:
June, September:
Mon–Fri: 12 am – 6 pm
Weekends: 12 am – 8 pm
July, August:
Mon–Sun: 9 am – 9 pm

- out of season it is possible to use sports facilities in agreement with the operator


Operating and Accommodation Rules of the Baška campside

  1. Operating and accommodation rules applies to the entire area of the Baška campside
  2. Every guest of Baška campsite is obliged to be familiar with these rules before accommodation and is obliged to follow them. All operating rules are available at the campsite reception. The Operating and accommodation rules are reachable also on the website of the Baška village and the camp.
  3. Upon arrival at the campsite, the guest must check in at the reception and prove his/her identity. In the period from 7 am to 7 pm after the registration in the guest book and payment of the stay, the guest will receive the proof of accommodation (receipt) and the key of the accommodation in a cottage, apartment.
  4. On arrival the guest is obliged to check all items on the inventory list, which is placed at each accommodation unit and to immediately report any detected differences to the reception. Later complaints will not be considered and the guest will have to pay all discrepancies in cash.
  5. The accommodation fee is payable on arrival, and the money is not refunded for unused days of prepaid stay.
  6. Children under 15 years of age can only camp if accompanied by adults.
  7. To make the stay in the Baška campsite legitimate, the guest of campsite will visibly place an identification number on his facility (tent, caravan), which he will receive at the reception upon payment of the stay. The deposit for the identification number is 100 CZK.
    The guest is also obliged to mark his means of transport (car) in a visible place with the identification number and proof of payment with the duration of stay they receive at the reception.
  8. When choosing a place for camping, caravan or transport, the guest is obliged to follow the instructions of the campsite staff. It is forbidden to place your own accommodation facility outside the reserved areas. It is also forbidden to dig drains around the tents.
  9. In the permises of the Baška autocamp it is forbidden to stay while infected with infectious disease. Any infectious disease that occurs during the stay must be immediately reported to the campsite manager.
  10. Any extension of period of stay must be done by 10 am on the day when the camping permit ends.
  11. Every guest must leave the space on the last day of the authorized stay. If they do not do so within the specified time, the campsite manager may charge for the following day's stay.
  12. Prices are charged according to valid price list. The accommodation unit has to be left by 10 am and the tent or caravan by 12 pm on the following day. Only one facility can be placed in one place, otherwise it is an unauthorized stay. When leaving the campsite, the guest is obliged to present the accommodation ticket for inspection at the reception.
  13. Camping without paying the camping fee is not permitted. If the visitor does not pick up from control institution a camp permission, he will  be penalized by a fee of 100 CZK per day and will be asked to leave the Baška Campsite.
  14. All guests must keep clean and tidy and protect recreational facilities. Car camp Baška is located near the water reservoir Baška owned by Povodí Odry s.p. Swimming in the Baska reservoir is at your own risk.
  15. The guest is responsible for damages caused to property - accommodation facility, damage to forests, felling of trees according to valid regulations. Damage and pollution of forest stands outside the Autokemp Baška area is also prohibited and will be penalized.
  16. All types of garbage shall be kept by guests in reserved places and in reserved containers. No material and garbage may be left after leaving the used tent area.
  17. Free movement of animals, dogs-bathing and waterfowl-feeding are forbidden in the whole camp.
  18. In a time period from 22 pm to 6 am all guests and visitors are obligated to keep night silence. It is necessary to keep calm even during the day, not to disturb the citizens by shouting, loud singing and excessive amplification of recorded music. Opening hours of food tents and restaurants in the camp are allowed until 11 pm. Exceptions of disturbing of the period of night silence in the territory of Baška village are regulated by OZV No. 3/2018.
  19. For security reasons, children under 10 years of age should not be left unattended.
  20. Making fire is permitted only on reserved fireplaces, in compliance with all fire safety regulations. Violation will be penalized. Cookers and heaters must be used in accordance with safety regulations. Smoking is strictly prohibited in accommodation facilities.
  21. It is necessary to save drinking water in the entire area of the Baška campsite.
  22. The Baška campsite is not insured by the operator. Guests use it at their own risk.
  23. Every guest is obliged to pay attention to their valuable things. The campsite operator is in no way responsible for the loss of money and other valuable things. The finder is obliged to hand over the found things to the camp manager.
  24. Children can only use the playground in the presence of an adult. The campsite is not responsible for any injuries and harms to health.
  25. Violation of the obligations arising from the operating rules may be penalized as an offense under Act No. 200/1990 Coll., unless it is a crime.
  26. When leaving the Baška campsite, guest has to prove to the relevant employee  - manager proof of payment of all charges and returned identification numbers to reception, for which he will be paid the appropriate deposit of 100 CZK.
  27. Fishing in the Baška reservoir is permitted.
  28. The use of hunting guns, air guns, alarm guns, fireworks and other explosives are not permitted.
  29. The manager of the Baška campsite or the operator decides in disputed or unlisted cases.
  30. In case of any complaints and problems, please contact the manager of Baška campsite.
  31. Attachment no.1 The Operating and Accommodation Rules for cottages and apartments is located directly in cottages and apartments.

 The Operating and accommodation rules of the Baška campsite can be printed HERE!


Operating rules of the sports facilities of the Baška campsite

Article 1 - Entry to sports facilities

  1. The use of sports facilities is permitted only during operating hours and after paying a fee according to the approved price list.
  2.  By entering the premises of sports facilities, each visitor is obliged to follow the operating rules and the instructions of the campsite manager and the operator.
  3. If an adult brings a child under the age of 15 to the premises, he is responsible for his / her safety. Children under 6 years of age are allowed to enter the court only if accompanied by permanent supervision - parents or other responsible persons over 18 years of age.
  4. Reservations of the sports facilities can be made by calling 736 422 761, at the reception of the Baška campsite during business hours or on-line at
  5. The sports facilities are open:
    • in the season from 1.6. - 30.6.
      • Monday to Friday from 12 pm to 6 pm
      • on weekends from 12 pm to 8 pm
    • in high season, ie from 1.7. - 31.8. from 8 am to 9 pm
    • off-season it is possible to use sports facilities only when agreed with the operator
  6. Access to the sports facilities is permitted only through official entrances, it is forbidden to climb fences, locked entrances and own fencing of the court.
  7. In case of unfavorable weather conditions for the court, the owner is entitled to partially or completely cancel the reservation.
  8.  In case of any defect found in the sports facility, the user is obliged to inform the campsite manager before starting to use it.

Article 2 - Rights and obligations of visitors

  1. Each visitor is obliged to maintain personal cleanliness and keep all places and sports facilities clean and to take care of their own and others safety during their actions.
  2. The operator is not responsible for damages to deferred items of persons in the areas of sports facilities. The finder is obliged to hand over the items found in the areas of the campsite to the reception of the Baška campsite where the entry in the operation book will be made.
  3. Visitors are obliged to save the equipment of the area. They are obliged to pay damages or losses caused by their fault, both on the equipment of the sports facilities and on the property of other persons.
  4. Wishes and complaints about the operation or employees of the area, visitors can lodge at the reception camp Baška, or directly at the operator.

Article 3 - Prohibited activities in the area

  1. Pollution or deterioration of the reserved area and equipment is prohibited in the premises.
  2. After finishing the game, everyone is obliged to bring the area to a state that allows the game to be played again (with a rake, brush, roller, etc. )
  3. It is also prohibited in the area:
    • litter away from reserved areas
    • enter the areas out of the reserved opening hours
    • move fixed or mobile equipment away from reserved locations
    • enter dogs or other animals
    • enter drunk persons and persons under the influence of drugs
    • smoke or distribute and manipulate with fire
    • discard chewing gum
    • enter in inappropriate shoes (football boots, boots with spikes or heels)
    • ride the court on a bike, scooter, skateboard and in-line skates
    • use track shoes
  4. To keep safe and undisturbed sporting activity, only playing persons are permitted to enter the sporting area.
  5. The user of the sports facilities must not threaten his or her health and the health of other users or otherwise disturb the surroundings.
  6. The visitors' sports equipment must comply with safety features and must not jeopardize the safety of other participants or damage sports facilities.
  7. The operator is not responsible for any accidents occurred in the sports area, even in case of using damaged sports facilities.

Article 4 - Exclusion from sports area visit

  1. A visitor who, despite a warning, will not comply with the provisions of these Operating rules or will not obey the instructions of the responsible staff, will be expelled from the premises without a claim for a refund. In such cases, if the visitor does not leave the premises upon request, the responsible employee may request the intervention of the Police of the Czech Republic.

Important phone numbers:

  • Police of the Czech Republic – 158
  • Firefighters – 150
  • Ambulance – 155
  • IRS (Integrated rescue system) – 112
  • Municipal Office – 558 445 210
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Camp manager 736 422 761

The operating rules of the sports facilities in the Baška camp can be printed HERE!


Operating rules for small boats rental

  1. Access to the boat rental area is allowed only to visitors who bought the ticket at the reception of the boat rental can enter.
  2. Boats and other sailing sport equipment are only rented in good weather conditions. After presenting the ID card and paying the rental fee, the visitor voluntarily submits to all provisions of the „Operating Rules"
  3. Children under 10 years of age are permitted to visit the rental shop and the surrounding area only if accompanied by person(s) over 18 years of age.
  4. The visitor is obliged to return the rented boat or other sailing sport equipment after the expiration at the end of a defined period of time, best until 6 pm when the operation is terminated. In case of a delayed return of the loaned items, the visitor is obliged to pay the appropriate amount of the rental, which is determined by the hourly rate according to the approved price list.
  5. The boat rental visitor must, in his / her own interest, move on smooth, wet decks with extreme caution, avoiding slipping and injuries. The operator of the rental is not responsible for damages or injuries caused by the visitor himself.
  6. The visitor is obliged to handle sports equipment of the boat rental with care. He/she is obliged to pay damages or losses caused by his/her fault on the property of the operator or other visitors and users of water areas.
  7. The visitor presents a valid document issued by a relevant employee in the boat rental area, who hands over the properly equipped boat for operation. The user or the vessel leader is responsible for the rented boat and for the persons and their deployment on board. Only a limited number of persons, marked in the carrying capacity of persons, may be taken on board.
  8. The boat leader must not be under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances during the voyage.
  9. A person who is able to navigate a boat without a license is a participant in the voyage and must therefore be familiar with the navigational technique and, to the extent necessary for its navigation, with the navigation rules.
  10. Non-swimmers and children under the age of 10 must have a life-saving equipment on board. If the vessel rental cannot provide these life-saving equipment, the vessel must not leave the dock.
  11. All users of boats are prohibited from colliding with each other, jumping into the water, diving or pulling boats out to the shore, if the boats are not specially adapted for this purpose.
  12. It is not permitted to enter the forbidden areas of the water area marked with "no entry" or warning signs indicating swimming pools and safety zones at the dam. In cases where a small boat passes close to the swimmer, the leader of the small boat is obliged to go round swimmer at a safe distance and, if it is possible, so that the swimmer remains between the small boat and the nearest shore. For a small non-self-propelled boat, the safety distance is 3 m.
  13. It is not permitted to use the boat rental dock for sunbathing, jumping into the water and fishing.
  14. It is forbidden to call for help without cause. In case of drowning or accident of boats in the immediate vicinity, each boat leader is obliged to provide immediate assistance according his own capabilities.
  15. The small boat leader (charterer) on a rented boat is responsible for the safety of the cruice despite is getting worse weather conditions and is obliged to evaluate it in time. If the cruise is no longer safe, ship must return to the boat rental.
  16. It is forbidden to contaminate water, boat rental areas, littering, pouring noxious liquids, washing laundry, etc.  
  17. Staying in the boat rental area during non working hours, unauthorized use of boats from the boat rental without the notifying the responsible employee, is not permitted.
  18. Any visitor or user of water areas who treats the rental employee (or other visitors) rude will be banished from the boat rental area with no possibility of returning the admission.
  19. Each boat must have required equipment. Pedal boats - lifting rope, life-saving equipment. Boat - sling rope, life-saving equipment, plastic container (for removing water from ship). 
  20. The boat rental must have the right quantity of lifeboats with a capacity of at least 3 persons, equipped with the required equipment, which must not be lent. The lifeboats must be marked correctly and always available for use.
  21. Customers aknowledge the operating rules by own signature.
  22. For pedal boats and small non- self-propelled boats we provide binding ropes and life jackets.

Procedure of the operator before and when reaching the limit water levels for stopping the cruise

  1. The operator regularly checks the level of the waterways at The operator also communicates with dam keepers.
  2. When the level of the water reaches level 1, 2, 3, the boat charterer (boat leader) immediately informs the operator and in accordance with his instructions to find the nearest protective port or another dock where the boat is safely anchored.
  3. The cruise is stopped at a flow rate of 100 m / s  at Ostravice river.  In this case ships must immediately seek the nearest safe harbor or other safe place.
Important phone numbers:
  • Operator – 736 422 761
  • State Navigation Administration, branch office Přerov – 581 250 911
  • RIS Center - Accident Reporting – 412 557 425
  • Ambulance – 155
  • Czech Police – 158
  • Firefighters – 150
  • IRS (Integrated rescue system) – 112

Attachment 1 and 2 are parts of the operating rules for small boats rental.
Attachments and the operating rules of the small boats rental can be printed HERE!

up to 120 pitches
up to 24 persons
up to 28 places
4 apartments - up to 11 persons